Cycle for a Cause

We all have great ideas, but those ideas usually fall short of execution. A plan this grand, for a cause so great, only incredible admiration and applause remains for all the riders and especially Max Kuszaj. A big congratulations on what had to be both an emotionally and physically grueling ride. Show your support by taking a minute out of your day and donating here.

The Foundation- Shane McConkey

“The Shane McConkey Foundation was founded in recognition of the worldwide community of skiers, adventurers and everyday people who share a passion for life. The Foundation honors those who inspire positive change in the world and the life of others.

Shane McConkey altered the paths of countless friends, acquaintances and strangers through his accomplishments, generous spirit, laughter and his positive outlook on life. He was an innovator, a goofball, a friend, a husband and a father but his zest for life carried into his deep appreciation for the environment and living creatures.

The goal of the Foundation is twofold: to carry on this legacy through random acts of kindness and charitable giving and to inspire others to make a difference in the world at large.”

Your love and support are appreciated most but if you would like to make a donation please visit this site:


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